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An alternate marriage date: 17 Jan 1826. (One WorldTree Service) 
Abel Beal
Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution (Records 11,250-11,274), Pg. 840
Beal, Abel, Hinghan or Cohasset. Private, Capt. Peter Cushing's Co., Col. Solomon Lovel's regt.;
pay roll for 3 days service in Aug., 1777, at Hull.

Abel was an American Revolution soldier and inlisted in 1775 in Lieutenant Obadiah Beal's detachment of guards. He was listed on a roll made from December 12, 1775 to April 3, 1776 - three months and 24 days. The detachment was stationed at Hull Beach, Mass. On December 14, 1776 he enlisted as a Private in Captain Peter Cushing's Company of Colonel Solomon Lovel's regiment. This company assembled at Hull, Mass, and served four days. Private Beal was also on the payroll of Captain Thomas Nash's Company of Colonel David Cushing's regiment for three days of service in August, 1777, again in Hull. (Boulder Genealogy Society, Vol 10 A3, Aug 1978)

Abel's will was dated March 2, 1805 and proved May 14, 1805. It provided for his wife and unmarried daughter, Deborah. His wife's name was shown as Elizabeth. (This can not be a third wife because his widow, Susannah, lived until 1810. Perhaps it was an alternate name for Susannah since he also had a daughter with that name). Daughters Susannah received $5., Ruth $15., Anna $10. and Abigail $10. His oldest daughter, Celia, received land and was responsible for paying these amounts to her sisters. Three of his sons also received cash: Stowers $15., Micah $20 and Abel $2. (Dose this small amount reflect the fact that the first born son left home in his early 20's and went to live in Nova Scotia?). The remainder and bulk of the estate went to his son Seth. An inventory of the estate established a total value of $2,438.30 which has the purchasing power of $40,400 in today's money. 
Abel Beal, Sr.
Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution (records 11,400-11424)
Beals (sic) Abel, Private, Lieut. Obadiah Beal's detachment of guards; enlisted Dec 12, 1775; roll made up to Apr 3, 1776; service, 3 mos 24 days, at Hull Beach.

His fathers will was dated March 2,1805 and proved March 14, 1805. Able's share was $2. out of an estate valued at $2,438.30. Did this token amount reflect the fact that he left home in his early 20's to live in Nova Scotia? 
Abel Beal
According to "Genealogies of the Early Families of Weymouth, Massachusetts" by George Walter Chamberlain "Jeremiah Beale, blacksmith, and Abraham Beale, cordwainer, both os Hingham, 170 pounds, sell John Beale, carpenter, and Lazarus Beale, yoeman, both of Hingham, "our house, barn and land that we lately purchased of Samuel Poole of Mutten Lane" in Weymouth, 80 acres, 10 Apr 1712.Abraham Beal of Abingham, cordwainer, and Deborah, his wife, for 60 pounds, sell Ebenezer Beal of Hingham, gentelman, 3 acres of cedar swamp in Weymouth, "near Shaw's landing place" 11 May, 1749". 
Abraham Beal
5 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Adam Beal
Moved to Cohasset, Mass. 
Albert Beal
She was killed at battle of Gettysburg, Va. 
Augusta Jane Beal
After Mary and Benjamin were married they moved to Turner, Maine. 
Benjamin Beal
He was an officer (Capt.) of the War of the Revolution. 
Benjamin Beal
He was a tinplate worker and dealer in hardware, stoves, etc. He later engaged in navigation and commercial pursuites. 
Caleb Beal
He was Constable in 1675 and Selectman in 1678. 
Caleb Beal
Caleb did not marry. 
Caleb Hadley Beal
Celia and Daniel were first cousins. 
Celia Beal
Chloe did not marry. 
Chloe Beal
He was a soldier in the American Revolution. 
Daniel Beal
They moved to Farmington, Mass. 
Daniel Beal
They moved to Ohio. 
Daniel Beal
She did not marry. 
Deborah Beal
Ebenezer succeeded his father as proprietor and owner of the "Black Horse Tavern". 
Ebenezer Beal
He was "lost at sea" 1783. 
Elijah Beal
They moved to Charlestown, Mass. 
Elijah Beal
Elizabeth did not marry. 
Elizabeth Beal
"Well known to the travelling public as Captian of several of the Boston and Hingham Steamboat Co.'s boats". 
George Beal
24 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. George W. Beal
Hannah did not marry. 
Hannah Beal
Hannah did not marry. 
Hannah Beal
Hannah did not mary. 
Hannah Beal
Graduated from Harvard College - 1825. 
Henry Beal
According to "Genealogies of the Early Families of Weymouth, Massachusetts" by George Walter Chamberlain, Isaac "was a blacksmith and mortgaged to James Bowdoin of Boston his farm of 30 acres with the dwelling, barn and coal house standing thereon, on the line between Hingham and Weymouth, 20 Sept, 1746; released 20 July, 1748. He sells this property to John Pratt of Weymouth "at a place called Mutton Lane", bound easterly by the line between Hingham and Weymouth, with the buildings, 16 July, 1748. Wife Hannah relinquised her rights" 
Isaac Beal
They moved to Maine. 
Isaac Beal
He was lost at sea. 
Isaac W. Beal
He was a Selectman in 1687, 1693, 1697 and 1700 
Jacob Beal
Jacob and Deborah had no children. 
Jacob Beal
Was in the employ of the Boston and Hingham Steamboat Co. at the time his brother George was captian. 
Jacob Beal
They moved to Weymouth, Mass. between 1713 and 1717. 
James Beal
Content Packard was a widow. After this marriage they moved to Minot, Maine. 
Japheth Beal
According to "Genealogies of the Early Families of Weymouth, Massachusetts by George Walter Chamberlain", Jeremiah "moved from Hingham to Weymouth about 1712. [ He] was a blacksmith. For 800 pounds he sells his son Isaac Beal 30 acres in Weymouth bounded eastwardly on line between Hingham and Weymouth, with the house upon it, 7 Aug 1743". 
Jeremiah Beal
Date of birth may have been July 24, 1744.
He moved to North Bridgewater about 1760. 
Jeremiah Beal
Jeremiah Beal, the seventh child of John Beal, was known as "Lieutenant" having been commissioned to the rank in the Hingham Train Band May 20, 1683. He was Constable in 1672, a Selectman in 1671, 1673 and 1684 and a Representative in 1691, 1692 and 1701. He and his family lived on Bachelor (Main) Street near the meeting house of the First Parish. He was a blacksmith and a cabinet maker and had a cabinet shop in the nearby town of Cohasset. In 1690 he built a house for his son John on East Street near Hull Street and in later years lived there with his son and family. That house still exists though it has undergone many alterations and additions. And Jeremiah still lives there too .... as a ghost. The present owners (1980) of the house from time to time have felt his presence. 
Jeremiah Beal
Jeremiah Jr. lived on the paternal homestead on Main St., Hingham, Mass. He was the Sexton of the parish for many years and was a Selectman in 1690, 1692 and 1696. 
Jeremiah Beal, Jr.
John Beal inherited and lived in the paternal homestead. 
John Beal, Jr.
Late in life moved to Plainfield, Vt.
There were 12 children in this family. 
John Beal
When John, the tenth child of Edward Beales, brought the name to North America he changed the spelling to "Beal". It wasn't until he had reached the age of 50 that he took up the challenge of leaving his homeland to become a pioneer in a strange new country. He came from Hingham, Norfolk Co., England and arrived at Boston on the vessel "Diligent" on August 10, 1638. He brought with him his wife, Nazareth, five sons, three daughters and two servants. One of the servants may have been his brother Edmond's son also named John. They settled in Hingham, Massachusetts which is a few miles southeast of Boston. John was no doubt well aware of the new settlement. Ralph Smith had come from Hingham, Eng. in 1633 and founded Hingham, Mass. Additionally John's wife's parents and family had arrived in Charlestown, Mass. the same year and her brother, Rev. Peter Hobart was the first minister of Hingham.

Not long after arrival John Beal became a landholder obtaining a grant of six acres for a house lot on what is now the south side of South Street west of Hersey Street. On the 13th of March, 1639 he was admitted to the freedom of Massachusetts Colony and thus became a "freeman". He was deputy of the general court in 1640 and 1659. He was a shoemaker, a trade that seems to have been passed down to succeding generations. John Beal died at the age of 100. 
John Beales Beal
John did not marry. 
John Humphrey Beal
Date of death may have been 1794. 
Joshua Beal
Joshua was a Selectman in 1669, 1671, 1677, 1679, 1686, 1691, 1694 and 1699. For many years he had charge of and received compensation "for maintaining the drum." 
Joshua Beal
Joshua was blind. 
Joshua Beal
He was "non compos mentis" (insane) in 1743 and placed under the care of his brother, Seth, by his father's will. 
Josiah Beal
They moved to Weymouth, Mass. about 1712 and was styled "Sergent". 
Josiah Beal
Levi moved to Boston in November, 1794. 
Levi Beal

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