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1 Hiram and Frances were married by Orris Pier. Family: F02678
2 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F01945
3 Per Abstract of Record (Marriage), was performed by Edward J. Nolland, Justice of the Peace. Family: F00283
4 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Winnifred "Winnie" ----------
5 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Rachael Allen
6 Marrage date is taken from a notice Sarah put in the local newspaper when she was filing for divorce. Sara Kidder Allen
7 He came from England to Hingham, Mass. with his father and had a grant of a house-lot on Town (North) St., Sept 18, 1635. The lot was next west of his father's and contained five acres including back land. At the May court in 1635 he was swarned as a constable. In 1636, 1637 and 1638 he was one of the representatives of the town at the General Court. He was also the first town clerk of Hingham. He later moved to Duxbury and in 1654 was surveyor of highways and constable in 1664. Oct. 16,1665, Joseph Andrews and his wife Elizabeth of Duxbury convey to Thomas Andrews of Hingham, "our natural son", "our house-lot and dwelling-house, out-buildings, etc., and ten acres of land which was formerly given to us by the town of Hingham bounder on Town Street, south, Broad Cove, north, etc., At a later date he returned to Hingham and died there. His will, dated at Hingham Sept 27, 1679, mentions and provides for his widow, Elizabeth; gives to son Joseph, among other valuables, "my sword, gold ring and a bible"; to son Ephraim "the estate in New Jersey"; mentions daughters and grandchildren and gives "to each of my grandsons that bear my name Joseph" a pewter plate. Joseph Andrews
8 He arrived in Hingham "prior to the arrival of Rev. Peter Hobart and his company in 1635". Thomas Andrews
9 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Carrie Arms
10 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hazel Arms
11 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Minnie Arms
12 Headstone in Whitman Cemetery says date of death was May 26, 1913. Charlotte Henrietta Balcom
13 She was known as "Eva". Evangaline Mai Balcom
14 Joseph was a "farmer and political figure in Nova Scotia, having represented Annapolis County as a Liberal (1894-1911) in the NS House of Assembly" (

When Joseph was married to his first wife in Boston, he claimed to be 40.
When he registered the marriage in Nova Scotia, he claimed to be 49.

When he married his second wife Margaret Alice Litch, he said he was 58. 
Joseph Austin Bancroft
15 Lucilla seems to have been quite close to Joseph and his family as from the age of 32 to 72, we find her living with with them in the 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1911 census’ on Lucilla Olivia Bancroft
16 Margaret died as the result of childbirth Margaret Alice Bancroft
17 Miriam's delayed birth registration says she was born 1902, but the true birth year was probably 1903 since her older sister was born in 1902. Miriam White Bancroft
18 He helped to organize the Baptist Church in East Inglisville. Ambrose L. Banks
19 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Doreen Novelia Banks
20 An alternate death date is Sept. 24, 1870.

Hannah's maternal grand mother, Mary "Molly" Craft married (1) Francis Miller and (2) her husbands father, Abel Beals as his 2nd wife. 
Hannah Banks
21 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Harry Banks
22 Gravestone in Fairview Cemetery, Lawrencetown says date of death was Aug 14, 1895. James Samuel Nelson Banks
23 John was a Selectman in 1693, a Grand Juror in 1692, 1693 and in 1701. He moved to York, Maine and built his home in the York Beach area, a mile or two from town. This building, with some additions, was still standing, but vacant, in 1975. John Banks
24 There were no children. John Herman G. Banks
25 Joshua and Mary came to Nova Scotia in 1760 and settled in Wilmot Township.
They had a large family and the five children listed below were the ones who came to Nova Scotia. 
Joshua Banks
26 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Lorna Lou Banks
27 Richard Banks came to America and settled in Scituate, Mass. He was later sent to lay out and organize new townships in what is now Maine. He settled in York County and held several important public offices there.
There was one child from Richard's first marriage. Richard and two of his sons were killed in the Indian Massacre of January 25, 1692. 
Richard Banks
28 Headstone in Fairview Cemetery, Lawrencetown shows the date of birth as 1855. Rupert Raymond Banks
29 William and his wife lived on his fathers homestead. William Banks
30 Tower Genealogy says she married "Perry". Bathsheba Bate
31 A memorial stone located near the memorial to the first settlers was erected by the Bates Family Association in 1927.
Topographical Dictionery (by Charles E. Banks) lists Clement Bate as coming from Lyd Parrish, Kent Co., England and settling in Hingham, Mass. His brother, James came to New England at the same time and settled in Dorchester, Mass.
They left England on April 17, 1635, sailing on the "Elizabeth". 
Clement Bate
32 From
Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution (Records 11,250-11,274), Pg 840
Beal, Abel, Hingham or Cohasset. Private, Capt. Peter Cushing's Co., Col. Solomon Lovel's regt.;
payroll for three days service in Aug., 1777, at Hull.

Abel was an American Revolution soldier and enlisted in 1775 in Lieutenant Obadiah Beal's detachment of guards. He was listed on a roll made from December 12, 1775 to April 3, 1776 - three months and 24 days. The detachment was stationed at Hull Beach, Mass. On December 14, 1776 he enlisted as a Private in Captain Peter Cushing's Company of Colonel Solomon Lovel's regiment. This company assembled at Hull, Mass. and served four days. Private Beal was also on the payroll of Captain Thomas Nash's Company of Colonel David Cushing's regiment for three days of service in August, 1777, again in Hull.
(Boulder Genealogy Society, Vol 10 A3, Aug 1978)

Abel's will was dated March 2, 1805 and proved May 14, 1805. It provided for his wife and unmarried daughter, Deborah. His wife's name was shown as Elizabeth. (This can not be a third wife because his widow, Susannah, lived until 1810. Perhaps it was an alternate name for Susannah since he also had a daughter with that name). Daughters Susannah received $5., Ruth $15. and Abrigail $10. His oldest daughter , Celia, received land and was responsible for paying these amounts to her sisters. Three of his sons also received cash: Stowers $15., Micah $20. and Abel $2. (Dose this smsll amount reflect the fact that the first born son left home in his early 20's and went to live in Nova Scotia?). The remainder and bulk of the estate went to his son Seth. An inventory of the estate established a total value of $2,438.30 which has the purchasing power of $40,400. in todays money. 
Abel Beal, Sr.
33 According to "Genealogies of the Early Families of Weymouth, Massachusetts" by George Walter Chamberlain, "Jeremiah Beale, blacksmith, and Abraham Beals, cordwainer, both of Hingham, 170 pounds, sell John Beale, carpenter, and Lazarus Beale, yoeman, both of Hingham, our house, barn and land that we lately purchased of Samuel Poole of Mutten Lane in Weymouth, 80 acres, 10 Apr 1712. Abraham Beal of Abington, cordwainer, and Deborah, his wife, for 60 pounds sell Ebenezer Beal of Hingham, gentleman, 3 acres of cedar swamp in Weymouth, near Shaw's landing place, 11 May 1749. Abraham Beal
34 Adam resided on Hull Street, near Strait's Pond, in Hingham.

Adam lived in the part of town that was later set off to Goshen.(History of Chesterfield, p 43) 
Adam Beal, Sr
35 Celia and Daniel were first cousins. Celia Beal
36 He was a soldier in the American Revolution. Daniel Beal
37 See also:
?Vital Records of Cummington, Massachusetts, 1762-1900, pg. 8.
?History of the Early Settlement of Bridgewater in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, by Nahum Mitchell (1840).
? 1820 United States Census - Cummington, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States. Hampshire, Massachusetts; Roll: M33_50 
Daniel Beal
38 She did not marry. Deborah Beal
39 Elisha was unmarried. Elisha Beal
40 Unmarried. Hannah Beal
41 Enlisted in Company B, Maine 9th Infantry Regiment on 04 Aug 1862.Mustered out on 15 Jun 1864.
Hiram Leonard Beal
42 He was a Selectman in 1687, 1693, 1697 and 1700. Jacob Beal
43 According to "Genealogies of the Early Families of Weymouth, Massachusetts" by George Walter Chamberlain, Jeremiah "moved from Hingham to Weymouth about 1712. [He] was a blacksmith. For 800 pounds he sells to his son Isaac Beal 30 acres in Weymouth bounded eastwardly on line between Hingham and Weymouth, with a house upon it, 7 Aug 1743". Jeremiah Beal
44 Jeremiah Jr. lived on the paternal homestead on Main St., Hingham, Mass. He was the Sexton of the parish for many years and was a Selectman in1690, 1692 and1696. Jeremiah Beal, Jr.
45 John Beal inherited and lived in the paternal homestead. John Beal, Jr.
46 When John, the sixth child of Edward Beales, brought the name to North America he changed the spelling to "Beal". It wasn't until he had reached the age of 50 that he took up the challenge of leaving his homeland to become a pioneer in a strange new country. He came from Hingham, Norfolk Co. and arrived in Boston on the vessel "Diligent" on August 10, 1638. He brought with him his wife, Nazareth, five sons, three daughters and two servants. (One of the servants may have been his brother Edmond's son also named John). They settled in Hingham, Massachusetts which is a few miles southeast of Boston. John was no doubt well aware of the new settlement. Ralph Smith had come from Hingham, Eng. in 1633 and founded Hingham, Mass. Additionally John's wife's parents and family had arrived in Charlestown, Mass. the same year and her brother, Rev. Peter Hobart was the first minister of Hingham.

Not long after arrival John Beal became a landholder obtaining a grant of six acres for a house lot on what is now the south side of South Street west of Hersey Street. On the 13th of March, 1639 he was admitted to the freedom of Massachusetts Colony and thus became a "freeman". He was deputy to the general court in 1640 and 1659. He was a shoemaker, a trade that seems to have been passed down to succeeding generations. John Beal died at the age of 100. 
John Beales Beal
47 Death date may have been in 1794. Joshua Beal
48 Joshua was a Selectman in 1669, 1671, 1677, 1679, 1686, 1691, 1694 and 1699. For many years he had charge of and received compensation "for maintaining the drum". Joshua Beal
49 Lazarus studied medicine with Dr. Wheat in Newton, Massachusetts, and later practiced there.
He was selectman in 1771, moderator in 1772,and town clerk in 1773. (Davenport, p 65)
He also for several years was a teacher in the public schools of Hingham [] 
Lazarus Beal, III
50 Lazarus studied medicine with Dr. Wheat in Newton, Massachusetts, andlater practiced there. He was selectman in 1771, moderator in 1772,and town clerk in 1773. (Davenport, p 65)

He also for several years was a teacher in the public schools of Hingham.[
He resided at Newton, Hingham, second Precinct (later Cohasset) and perhaps at Weymouth
Lazarus Beal, II

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