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101 Christiana and Robert lived on the Ralph Connell place.
1901 census says Christiana was born Apr 13, 1932. 
Christiana Beals
102 Clarence died two weeks after going to war. Clarence Melvin Beals
103 Unmarried.
Clifford Beals
104 MG - 4, Methodist Records, Bridgetown indicate Cooper's date of birth as
Feb 22, 1816 
Cooper Beals
105 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Daniel "Danny" Gordon Beals
106 He was at one time a grocery clerk in Boston. David H. Beals
107 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. David James Beals
108 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Denise Marie Beals
109 Don Beals says "Ted" was born 26 Jan 1929. Donald Arthur "Ted" Beals
110 Retired from the Royal Bank of Canada (1947-1986), they lived in Montreal for 34 years but now reside in Toronto. Donald William Beals
111 The father of Rose, Dora's first child is unknown. She was adopted by Dora's husband Arthur Miles. They lived in Brocton, Mass. but returned to Inglisville and lived on the homestead when her father died.
A gravestone in the Fairview Cemetery bearing the name Arthur E. Miles also has inscribed on it the name Dora G. Miles and shows the date of death as 1930. 
Dora Georgianna Beals
112 Headstone in Whitman Cemetery says Dorcas was born Aug 7, 1853 and died Feb 5, 1856. Dorcas Beals
113 The Banks genealogy says Dorothy was born in 1828. Dorothy Beals
114 Uncle Dud lived all his life in the house in which he was born and died on his 104th birthday. Dudley Hall Beals
115 Edgar's mother was from Massachusetts, as was his wife. Edgar Hall Beals
Edith Irene Beals
117 Edith was murdered by her second husband of 3 months, Charles N. Ney aka James C. Hayden, and placed into a steamer trunk. He was apprehended as he tried to put the trunk into his car for disposal. He was judged to be insane in early 1942 and placed into the East Louisiana Hospital for the Insane, and so was not prosecuted for the crime. Edith Salida Beals
118 Headstone says death date was Feb 2, 1875. Edward Bent Beals
119 In his last years he lived on the "Ed Beals place". Edward Milledge Beals
120 A Rev. Stephen Bamford was the minister who, in 1820, married Edwin's
uncle Isaac and Catherine Kent.

The following is taken from a "Town of Blain Centennial" booklet prepared in 1974:

In 1884 Edwin Beals, a brother of William Beals, moved from Nova Scotia [Brookfield, Queens Co.] to Blain. With him he brought his wife, seven children and his father and mother, Isaac and Mary Beals. The journey from N.S. to Houlton [Maine] was made by train and from Houlton to Blain the women and children travelled by stagecoach, the men and household goods travelling by oxcart. Edwin Beals purchased the property now occupied by Roger Williams. On this property he, with the help of his brother, William, built a new house. About three months later the house was destroyed by fire. With courage and fortitude the two brothers built another house. From time to time additions and improvements were made to accomodate the family. Three more children were born to the Edwin Beals family making a total of ten children, only one of which is now [1974] living, Mrs. Mabel Crum, of Blaine. Edwin Beals was a stone mason by trade but he became a prosperous farmer and continued to operate his farm with the help of two of his sons, Lee and Lyle, until his death on December 24, 1912, at the age of 67. The Beals family was very active in civic affairs and were both instrumental in the building of Blaine Baptist Church. Many descendants are still living in the Town of Blaine. 
Edwin Bamford Beals
121 He is known as "Bunny". Egbert Plummer Beals
122 When she married in 1913 Eleanor was living in Sarnia, Ont. Witnesses at her wedding were her uncle and aunt, George and Edythe Beals. Eleanor Beatrice Beals
123 Elijah filed for a Civil War Disability Pension on 1 Oct 1866
His remarried widow Lucretia P. Marsh filed for a Civil War widow's pension on 19 Oct 1916 (she was 74 yo) 
Elijah Beals
124 In 1812 Elijah purchased 130 acres of land from his father. Some time previous another 170 acres had been obtained to make one 300 acre lot which was situated east of Arod's land. The brothers then proceeded to trade their properties. Elijah and Hannah had 11 children, eight sons and three daughters. Their oldest son, Henry, was a farmer in Bedford near Halifax and another son, Arod, a butcher in Liverpool. Their tenth child, John, was a farmer in Inglisville and Clementsport but after his wife died the family moved to New Hampshire. One son died in infancy. The remaining four sons were farmers in Inglisville and at times their descendants were a significant proportion of the inhabitants of that village. Some still live there and in nearby communities.

Elijah's will was dated April 27, 1846 and probated November 22, 1847.

PANS records say Elijah and Hannah were married on Jan 5, 1813. 
Elijah Beals
125 The household consisted of Elijah, Lucretia, and step-daughter Caroline A. Rand, 18, a seamstress. Elijah Beals
126 When the American Civil War began he joined the northern forces and suffered serious wounds which eventually resulted in his death.
Elijah and Lucretia only had one child that lived a full life - Albert Edwin lived to 61. 
Elijah Beals
Elizabeth Ethel Beals
128 "Last week Sherman Beals, John Myles and Miss Ella Beals started for the USA". April 14, 1893 issue of the Kings County Record (Sussex, Kings Co., N.B.)

"Miss Ella H. Beals, who has been visiting her father, W> S> Beals, Esq., has returned to Somerville, Mass." September 11, 1896 issue of the Kings County Record (Sussex, Kings Co., N.B. 
Ella H. Beals
129 The 1881 census finds Ella living in Bridgetown (as a nurse maid?) with James & Dora Munroe and their children aged 9, 9, and 6. Ella J. Beals
130 1871 census says she was 42.
Emily Beals
131 The date of birth of 17 June 1888 is taken from his WWl and WWll Draft Registration Card. However his headstone says 1887. We believe the former is correct because he provided the information. Enoch Noble Beals
132 She died at age 8 months and was buried in Nictaux cemetery. Ethel M. Beals
Ethel Rose Beals
134 While Eugene was known to live in Moose Jaw Saskatchuan per 1906 census, Medicine Hat Alberta is only about 200 miles away so could have moved prior to his death. Eugene S. Beals
135 Angus and Experience had two other daughters. Experience Ann Beals
136 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Faye Louise Beals
137 N.S. Historical Vital Statistics says date of birth was May 15, 1873. Fletcher Wheelock Beals
138 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Frances Dolina Beals
139 He was known as "Frank". Francis Beals
140 Francis was a well known Baptist minister in the maritimes.

He was a school teacher in 1881, but then circa 1882 he attended Acadia University and graduated with a Bachelor of Theology in 1886. He completed post-grad studies with Newton (MA) Theological Institute in 1887 and was ordained at Billtown 12 May 1887.

He accepted callings to Billtown 1887, Hebron 1889, Canso 1895, Digby 1901, Antigonish 1904, First Church of Cornwallis in Upper Canard 1905, New Germany 1916, Lawrencetown/Inglisville 1917, Bedford 1921, and Hantsport 1923-1924 .

Health problems kept him away from the ministry 1902-1904, three months in 1913, and Sept 1924 when he had a leg amputated; it is unclear whether he returned to the ministry after that. In 1926, he became ill again, prompting daughter Helen to leave her job in Cambridge MA and return to Wolfville. 
Francis Harris Parker Beals
Frank Bennie Beals
142 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Frank Robert Beals
143 He went to the U.S.A. in 1885. George Albert Beals
144 Grave stone in Elk Cemetery, Elk Township, MI shows a birth date of 1876. George E. Beals
145 Age of death varies in other sources, 56 (1910 Census of St Clair Co., MI.) to 59. Data given is from death certificate filled out by Laverne Beals. (George lived in St. Thomas, Ontario about 3 mounths before death (for a hospital in Windsor ?)) George Edgar Beals
146 George moved to Erin Township in Ontario about 1838 where he set up a shoemaking and repair shop at Crewsons Corner. Later he moved to Erin Village and built a shoemaking shop there. In 1877 he moved his business to Grand Valley, Ontario (about 16 miles northwest of Erin). George Fletcher Beals
147 George was a U.S. Navy veteran of WWII. He received a citation from the Commander of the North-West African Waters and was also awarded a Silver Star medal. The citation states "Although this craft had been in Commision only 11 days and no target practice had been conducted, in the face of a low altitude bombing attach, Beals handled his gun with such coolness, courage and skill that several hits were scored on the attacking plane. These hits set the plane afire and therefore caused its destruction..... Beals was 18 years old when he brought down the aircraft and he looked so young when he was questioned by the Air Corps Captain, that he wrote Beals " looked like a boy of 15".
George served from Aug 25, 1942 to Nov, 1945. 
George L. Beals
148 He was a carpenter in Bill Town, Kings County and a farmer in Dalhousie and Prince Albert.
1901 census says George was born June 10, 1847. 
George Wilfred Beals
149 At one time they lived at 130 High St., Newberry, Mass. Gertrude Beals
150 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Harold Beals

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