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51 May have died 2/12/1697.
Mary Beal
52 Although the "John Beal of Hingham" genealogy says Micah was born in 1776, Lincoln's "History of Hingham" says Baptism date was Sept 6, 1772. Micah Beal
53 Constable in 1676. Selectman 1667, 1673, 1678, 1680, 1681, 1683 and 1686. Representative at the General Court 1677, 1683, 1691 and 1693. In 1669 he was chosen by the Selectmen "to keep an ordinary and to sell sack and strong water in the town of Hingham by retail, and also to be considered to the Country Court for their approbation thereto". Nathaniel Beal
54 Rebecca did not mary. Rebecca Beal
55 An alternate marriage date is Feb 3, 1707/08. Sarah Beal
56 Alternate birth date is Dec 21, 1765. Seth Beal
57 They moved to Winchendon, Mass. Stowers Beal
58 Edward Beales was ordianed a Deacon in St. Peter and St. Paul Church, Wramplingham (Norfolk County, England), June 11, 1568, instituted Rector August 23, 1568 and ordained a priest on October 17, 1571 at Norwich. Edward was married three times and had a rather large family of nineteen children. His will was probated in Norwich on October 29, 1612, the year he died. It was dated January 4, 1610 and provided for his wife Martha, sons Edward, John, Francis, Edmond, Tymothe and Nathaniell, and his daughter Martha. His other children are not mentioned and can be assumed deceased or provided for separately. In addition to money to children, Edward Beales willed lands and buildings in Hingham (England), bought from Mr. Thornton, to Edward. Property called Dallymores in Hingham and property in Wramplingham was left to his third wife, Martha. Edward Beales
59 x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
x-x We are seeking a careful "translation" of
x-x Edward's 1610 will from Old English script and
x-x 1600's idiom into modern English. Or, can you
x-x do this translation if you were loaned a copy
x-x of his will in Old English? Please contact us!

c/o Janet Alexander Beals, Sept 2015, on their visit to Wramplingham Eng:
My husband and I roamed the cemetery looking for Beals, but found none. Odd we thought. We asked at the restaurant in the next town if there were any Beals about but no one knew of any.
The church is extremely rural with a long view across the land much like a scene out of Yorkshire with green rolling hills and stone buildings and farms and fields. The churches in England are always unlocked and open to the public. We had to follow a brick wall on a single track (narrow) dirt road, and go through a farmer's muddy dooryard to get there!!! It was amazing that we found it at all.
The town is a very dear little English town like something out of a BBC film production. A stream runs through it. It has been dammed up which is where I stood to take the picture of the sign. There may have been a mill there once, but there is no evidence of any. However, if there had been one it was most likely at the dammed up little pond. 
Edward Beales
60 From
Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution. (Records 11,400-11,424)
Beals (sic) Abel, Private, Lieut, Obadiah Beal's detachment of guards; enlisted Dec. 12, 1775; roll made up to April 3, 1776; service, 3 mos. 24 days, at Hull Beach.

Abel came to Nova Scotia in the latter half of the 1770's and shortly thereafter the spelling of his name changed from "Beal" to "Beals". The earliest evidence we have that places him in Nova Scotia is found in the Annapolis Township Records. They show that he was one of the Tax Assessors for the township in 1779 and that he lived near Lawrencetown. He would have been 24 years of age which seems to be rather young for such a responsibility. However there would have been very few people living in the area at that time.

The most compelling reason for Abel to go to Nova Scotia was no doubt the fact that his uncle and aunt were already there. His father's sister, Rachel, had married Isaac Kent in 1739. They had gone to Nova Scotia in 1760 and obtained a grant of land at Round Hill a few miles up the Annapolis River from the town of Annapolis. In 1776 his Aunt Rachel and Uncle Isaac would have both been 57 years old. They had had thirteen children but only eight were living at that time. No doubt Abel lived with the family for a period of time and got to know his cousin, Abigail, who became his wife. In 1776 she was about twenty-four.

Through purchase and a grant he acquired over 1500 acres of land in Annapolis County south of Lawrencetown. The homestead was probably near the present day intersection of the Inglisville and South Williamston roads. He was a farmer, a shoemaker and was often employed as Commissioner for laying out and constructing roads. His sons were the first settlers of Inglisville then known as Beals Mountain. His eleven children were all by his first wife. As the date of birth of some of the children is unknown, the order is based on conclusions drawn from other facts.

His father's will was dated March 2, 1805 and proved March 14, 1805. Able's share was $2. out of an estate valued at $2,438.30. Did this token amount reflect the fact he left home in his early 20's to live in Nova Scotia?

Headstone in Whitman Cemetery says date of death was 1831, aged 81.
Abel Beals
61 In 1806 Abel bought a 105 acre piece of land from his father. It was situated in the east side of Abel's (Sr) land south of the South Williamston road. By 1819 Abel had sold this land to his brother Arod and was living in Albany, Annapolis County, on 460 acres he had bought from Samuel and Jeremiah Bancroft. Abel Beals
62 Frederick and Abigail were married by Rev.Henigar. Abigail Beals
63 Abigail and John were married by John B. Strong. Abigail Sophia Beals
64 She was only ten weeks old when she died. Ada Beals
65 Ada's two husbands were brothers. Ada Sophia Beals
66 Grave marker says Adaline was born July 1, 1859. Adaline "Adda" C. Beals
67 Isadore Baxter was told by her mother that Adam was a member of the"Liberty Boys" and a participant in the Boston Tea Party. (DARApplication 9114)

-- Enlisted in Cambridge for eight months after Battle of Lexington inCapt. Webster's Co., Col. Fellow's Regt.
-- Enlisted in Northampton for one year in Jan or Feb 1776 in Capt.Israel Chapin's Co., Col. Elisha Porter's Regt. Discharged inMorristown, New Jersey, but remained additional 15 days at the requestof Gen. Washington.
-- Certificate of pension issued 14 Jul 1820. Pension of $8.00 permonth to commence retroactively on 2 Apr 1818.

-- Marched on alarm April 19, 1775 from Chesterfield. Served six daysin Capt. Webster's co., Gen. Pomeroy's regt.
-- Went to Quebec Sep 9, 1775. Served eight months in Capt Webster'sco., Col. Fellow's regt.
-- Served eight days in Aug 1777. He marched to Bennington toreinforce the army.
-- Enlisted Sep 20, 1777. On expedition to Stillwater and Saratoga.Served twenty nine days in Capt. Chris Bannister's Co., Col. EzraMay's Regt.
-- Enlisted Jan 1776 and served as private for twelve months underCapt. Chapin, Col. Porter.
-- He served three months and twelve days from Apr 27, 1778.

His headstone reads
Friends nor physicians could not save,
This mortal body from the grave;
Nor can the grave confine it here,
When Christ commands it to appear. 
Adam Beals
68 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Alan "Buddy" Michael Beals
69 Albert and his family moved to Michigan in May 1859 and settled in Flynn Township in 1860. Albert Beals
70 1901 census says Albert was born July 11, 1840. Albert P. Beals
71 Spurr notes refer to this person as Ada R. Beals.
Grave stone in Fairview Cemetery shows a birth date of Dec 3, 1845. 
Aldah B. Beals
72 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Alice Elizabeth "Betty" Beals
73 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Allyson Bethany Beals
74 Andrew was Abel's oldest son. No record of his date of birth has been found but assuming he was at least 18 when he bought a piece of land in July 1796, he was probably born in 1778. He bought 167 acres from his father in 1798 and another 40 acres in 1808. The north end of this land bordered on the Annapolis River and, being on the valley floor, it was excellent farm land after it was cleared. He no doubt lived there until the land was sold to Christopher Prince about1816. After Andrew died his wife Charlotte lived with their daughter, Emily Beals (wife of Nehemiah) in Nictaux. Andrew Beals
75 Archie and Pearle were married by Rev. W. Steadman Smith. Archie Oakland Beals
76 Arod purchased 200 acres of land from his father in 1808. This strip of land was on the east side of land owned by his brother Joshua. Arod died at the relatively young age of 37. He probably died suddenly as there was no will. His wife, Catherine, and two brothers, Joshua and Abel, were administrators of his estate and disposed of his personal property and probably some land to pay his debts. Surprisingly it was not until 1861, the year she died, that action was taken to give Catherine legal title to one third of her husbands property as her "dowry" right. One lot was where she lived on the south side of South Williamston road and the other up on Beals Mountain. Arod's death left his wife with 8 children, three sons and five daughters. The oldest child was 13 and the youngest one year old less five days. Arod Beals
77 Arod took over his fathers farm but sold it (after the 1911 census) to Arthur Miles and moved to Lawrencetown (corner of Lawrencetown Lane and Highway 201). Arod Franklin Beals
78 On October 2nd, 1875, Arod was "raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in Solomon Lodge No. 46 at Port Hawkwsbury, Cape Breton, Canada". (Warnke) Arod Wallace Beals
79 There was a baby born betweer Harry and Lamert which died young. Arthur Stanley Beals
80 Asa owned and operated a store at the corner of the Inglisville Road and the South Williamston Road. The store was recreated in the MacDonald Museum in Middleton, N.S. Asa Whitman Beals
81 Atwood's middle name was "Black". His sister, Rebecca, was married a few months after his birth by Rev. A.B.Black. Atwood Black Beals
82 The 1871 Census lists Bamford as age 29 and living with Willard Pine, "a servant of unsound mind". Bamford Beals
83 Benjamin was mentally retarded.
1901 census says Benjamin was born Aug 27, 1863 
Benjamin Beals
84 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Burpee Beals
85 The 1881 census says Burpee was born about 1864. Burpee Beals
86 Unmarried. Burton A. Beals
87 Caleb and Eliza were married by Rev. M. Pickles. Caleb Beals
88 Carl Beals owned and operated a grocery store in Lawrencetown. Carl Rilford Beals
89 After graduating from Acadia University in 1919, Carlyle earned an M.A. from the University of Toronto in 1923, Ph.D. from Imperial College of Science and Technology in London, Eng., in 1926 and D.Sc. from London University in 1934. In 1927 he joined the staff of the Dominion astrophysical observatory at Victoria, B.C. and became the Dominion Astronomer in Ottawa in 1947.

The specialty study of Dr. Beals concerned the physical nature of the stars. His ten year research project on the Wolf Rayet group of stars revealed that they were the hottest discovered up to that time. Another project was the study of inter-stellar matter, or the gaseous matter in the space between the stars. He pioneered spectral techniques for the study of this material. He was also the first to conduct a systematic survey of the Canadian Shield for craters like those on the moon. This lead to establishing Canada as the leading authority in such studies, which grew in importance with the exploration of space and trips to the moon.

Dr. Beals was awarded many honours for his work. He received an honorary D.Sc. from Acadia and the University of New Brunswick and in 1969 was made a Companion of the Order of Canada. He received the highest award of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in 1952, the Gold Metal of the Royal Society of Canada in 1957, the Gold Metal of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada and the Leonard Metal of the Meteoritical Society in 1966. He was the only Canadian to serve as president of the American Astronomical Society (1962-64).
Carlyle Smith Beals
90 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Carmen Marie Beals
91 Caroline did not marry. Caroline Beals
92 Catherine did not marry.
Catherine Beals
93 Catherine's ashes were released in Cancun, Mexico Catherine Joan Beals
94 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Catherine Lynn Beals
95 "Spurr notes" say she was born in 1844.
She was a cripple and helped her father with the post office duties.
In her old age Katie lived in Lawrencetown near the river and the Clyde Morse place. 
Catherine Margaret Beals
96 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Charles Beals
97 1871 census: "resided in household of John Hall, blacksmith". John Hall was the husband of Henretta, daughter of John Cooper Beals. Charles Ainsley Beals
98 George W. Beals Referred to Charles and his wife as "the best in the family".
Charles apparently used the nickname Curt, after his brother Hiram's middle name, Curtis, as "Curt" is found on his marriage registration. 
Charles Anderson Beals
99 Alternate birthdate: Oct 28, 1877. Charles H. Beals
100 They had eight children. Charlotte Anna Beals

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