[BWB: Volume/Issue/Date not stated, but previous page said son Victor was 14 years old and referenced another publication of February 23rd, so the date is probably 1909 and after that referenced date.]


To Our Righteous and Princely Pastor Beals,

Greetings, from us, your Servants, who have sent this petition:

We have been parted only three months, but the time seems rather like three years and although the horizon separates us, yet in our dreams you seem to be beside us.

The messages you have sent have been received and remembered. We know you have crossed the ocean safely, owing to God's great mercy. We remember that years ago you came thousands of miles purposely to preach the gospel of Christ to us. In dealing with men you have been disinterested, giving generously of your money. You have worked by starlight and by moonlight; your love exceeds that of others.

(Here is enumerated the many deeds of kindness and good work Bro. Beals had done to and for them.)

Since you started the Mission here till now there has been nothing but peace among us. Every one has been glad to contribute of his means, and the chapel has been full. Consequently many people have been saved.

In all these circumstances you have earnestly preached the gospel, loving others as yourself. But now you have returned to your home, despite the fact that we could not spare you. There was absolutely no way to detain you, but now we offer this petition to beg you to return to Wuhu to care for us as a shepherd. We implore you to come quickly, as soon as this reaches you. Do not forsake us.

Written by Yao dao Seng on behalf of the members of the Wuhu Advent Christian Church.

(This petition was received by Bro. Beals three months after he arrived in this country, but we thought it would not be out of place to publish it at this time when Bro. Beals and his wife are returning to China. Bro. Beals says be is anxious to get back. After reading the above, we don't wonder.)