WILL - ISAAC KENT Late of Annapolis
              Deceased 29 Dec, 1784

In the name of God amen the fourteenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty Four.  I Isaac Kent of Annapolis in the County of Annapolis and province of Nova Scotia, yeoman, sensable of the uncertainty of life and also being advanced in age and infirm in body but of sound mind thanks be unto God after commending my soul into the hands of almighty God in and through a blessed Redemer and my body to the earth to a decent buriall do make this my Last Will and testament and dispose my worldly estate as followeth that is to say

Inprimus [?] I give unto my beloved wife Rachel Kent after my just debts are paid and funeral charges and charges of settelling my debts are paid I give to my beloved wife one third part of my personal estate; the bond that I have against Phinehas Lovett [???????] said bond being for deed of a certain piece of marsh land which is to be esteemed as part of my real estate and I also give to my beloved wife the improvement of one third part of my real estate during her natural life.

Itim [?] I give unto my son Isaac Kent five pounds currency his giving his three sisters namely Rebeekah Brown Anna Longley and Abigal Beals a just claim of his right in the second division of land in Annapolis what I procured at the last of my estate and ought to be recorded as part of my estate as I procured the whole of his right which I esteem of his full portion of my estate.

Itim [?] I give unto my son Arod Kent five shillings beside what I have given him before.

Itim [?] I give to my son Zarah Kent fourty shillings beside what he has had heretofore.

Itim [?] 5thly I give unto my three daughters namely Rebeekah Brown, Anna Longley and Abigail Beals all my land in the second division in the upper part of Annapolis Township to be equally divided between them beside what I have heretofore ----

Itim [?] 6thly I give unto my daughter Hannah Kent twenty pounds currency to be paid to my Excutor in one year after my decease.

Itim [?] 7thly I give to my son John Kent all the remainder of my estate both real and personal comprehending the bond above mentioned and all other my estate when and where ever it may be found and likewise the ???????? of that part hereby given to my life during her life or ???????? the whole to become John Kent's forever

Lastly I appoint Isreal Longley my executor of this my last will and testament and I order my executor to pay the several legeceys above mentioned out of my flock of cottell [?] sheep and other movables the remainder I give to my son John Kent.

In witness whereof I have sett my hand and seal to those present on the day before mentioned

Seigned scaled and published and recorded by the said Isaac Kent to be his last will and testement.

(signed] J Isaac Kent

In the presents of us
Sarah X Wheelock
Benjamin Wheelock
Phinehas Lovett

Annapolis Royal 29th Dec 1784

The within will being presented for probate by Israel Longley executor therein named Personally appeared Mrs Sarah Wheelock, Benjamin Wheelock & Phineas Lovett Esq. The subscribing witness to said will do make oath on the holy ??????? of Almighty God that they saw the within mentioned Isaac Kent sign & seal and heard him publish & declare the within will as for his last will and testement and that when he so did he was of sound disposing mind and memory to these deponents but ??? ?????? and that they subscribed their names as witness to the said will at the testators request & in his presents & in the presents of each other.

[signed] Sarah X Wheelock
               Benjamin Wheelock
               Phinehas Lovett

Sworn before me the day and year first above written

Jos. Winniett

Inventory of the personal and real estate of Mr Isaac Kent late of Annapolis deceased taken by us the subscribers this eigth day of January A D 1785

One bed and bedding / one hat and hat case 4/15/0
One old great coat / one coat and west coat 0/18/0
Two pair of breaches / shirts / one handkerchief 0/15/0
One iron pot / one small iron pot / fire shovel and tongs
One frying pan / one spinning wheel 0/07/0
One pair hand irons / one small broad axe 0/15/0
One draw knife / old trammils[?] and old iron 0/18/0
One steel trap / shockhammer[?] pincher & peg all 0/10/0
One small sword or hanger[?] two chists lock & key 1/05/0
One case and 6 bullets / one gun / one sickel 0/14/9
Sheep shears / solather[?] / 2 old barrils 0/08/6
One cedar meat tub / cheeas press 0/15/6
One saddle and bridle 0/15/0
One note in hand against John Hood for 116/13/4
by acknowledgment from under the hand of
Mr John Kent there is in his hand of the estate
of his father Isaac Kent late deceased ... cash 154/08/4
with 12 slore[?] sheep 9/00/0
One piece of marsh laying in the marsh known by the name lefarm[?] marsh containing ten acors 80/00/0


[Signed]     Israel Longley
                   David Bent
                   Peleg Little
                   Elisha Tupper

Annapolis January the eight 1785
Personally appeared before me David Bent, Peleg Little, and Elisha Tupper being appointed to apprise the estate of Isaac Kent of Annapolis deceased and were sworn to apprise the same and a true inventory to make according to the best of their judgement before me
[Signed]  Phinehas Lovett, Justise peace