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101 Ingram did not marry. Ingram Whitman
102 Isaac and his family lived for many years in Annapolis Co. then moved to Marlborough, Mass some time after 1833. Isaac James Whitman
103 Headstone in Whitman Cemetery says date of death was Apr 16, 1920 Isaac O. Whitman
104 Longley Genealogy says James was born 1788.
He left home and settled in the forest near Wilmot [Torbrook], So. Mountain. He made a clearing and in the course of years erected a saw- and grist-mill, an operation which was not a very profitable investments, but of great accommodation to the community and aided in attracting settlers to that section. 
James Whitman
105 James A. Whitman was adopted. James Aubrey Whitman
106 Jimmie Ed lived with his sister Annie and her husband, Brad Eaton. He did not marry. James Edward "Jimmie Ed" Whitman
107 After retirement she earned a B.A. in fine arts and built a year-round art studio in her backyard in Middleton. Abstract art was her
Jean Emily Whitman
108 George King genealogy says Jessie was born Nov 10, 1855. Jessie Milledge Whitman
109 "John Whitman, one of the earliest settlers of the town of Weymouth, in the state of Massachusetts, is the ancestor, if not of all, yet of nearly all of the name of Whitman, as well as of an equal number, at least, bearing other names, in this country. He came from England.
Our ancestor must have arrived in this country some time, and probably some years, prior to December, 1638, when, as it appears by Winthrop's Journal, he was made free, viz: admitted to the rights and privileges of a citizen". From "History of the Descendants of John Whitman of Weymouth, Mass." by Charles H. Farnam published in 1889. 
John Whitman
110 "Spurr notes" say John and Sarah Beals were married Sept 1, 1832. John Whitman
111 Rolly did not marry. John "Roland" Whitman
112 Headstone in the Oakes Burying Ground, Annapolis Co., N.S. says joseph died Oct 24,1889. Joseph Whitman
113 He did not marry. Levi R Whitman
114 Levi did not marry. Levi Rice Whitman
115 She did not marry. Lucy Manetta Whitman
116 Lydia did not marry. Lydia May Whitman
117 Merlin and Ada had no children. Merlin Ira Whitman
118 Millie did not marry. Millie Whitman
119 Minnie did not marry. Minnie F. Whitman
120 Nellie and Saville did not have children. Nellie Whitman
121 " He settled on the homestead and was a very repectable farmer. He also carried on the business of tanner and shoemaker. He left a large estate and had the satisfaction of see most of his children settled and married before his death. He is said to have had a habit of laughing when he became angry and those well acquainted with him knew there was a storm brewing when they saw him laugh. His wife was noted for her kindness and hospitality especially to the poor. A wag once said that he did not believe "Aunt Nancy" would get to heaven because she had saved the lives of a poor family who were not considered a great benefit to the community. Oldham Whitman
122 Headstone in Whitman Cemetery says date of death was Apr 20, 1895 Oldham Whitman
123 Ralph and his wife did not have children. Ralph B. Whitman
124 Zechariah graduated at Harvard University in 1668. Rev. Zechariah Whitman
125 Headstone in Fairview Cemetery says year of death was Aug 15, 1938. Roy Whitman
126 Rufus was from Guysboro Co., N.S. Rufus George Whitman
127 Family tradition says Sarah Jane was an adopted Micmac Indian but there is no proof to confirm this claim. Sarah Jane Whitman
128 Sophia did not marry. Sophia L. Whitman
129 William did not marry. William A. Whitman
130 From 1861 to time of death in 1881 William C. Whitman was a member of the Legislative Council of Nova Scotia. William C. Whitman
131 William was an invalid from WW 2. William Herbert Whitman
132 George King genealogy says William married Maud Berry. William James Whitman

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