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1 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Mary (Magdalena) "Molly" ----------
2 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Abel Banks
3 Alexander did not marry. Alexander Banks
4 Ambrose took a vary active role in the building of the Baptist Church in Inglisville. Ambrose L. Banks
5 Arthur was an accountant for Eurgess Farm Supplies of Windsor, N.S. Arthur George Banks
6 Beverly worked at the Royal Bank in Lawrencetown for 25 years. Beverly Henrietta Banks
7 At age 29, Caleb was admited to the New Brunswick Provincial Lunatic Asylum, Saint John, N.B. on 29 Sept 1858 and discharged 18 July 1859. (NSG Vol. XXIII/2, page 97) Caleb Ansley Banks
8 Wilmot Township Book says date of birth was Jan 6, 1832. Caleb Henry Banks
9 David moved to Durham Settlement, N.B. in 1844. David Banks
10 Wilmot Township Book says date of birth was Feb 28, 1817. David Banks
11 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Doreen Novelia Banks
12 Wilmot Township Book says date of birth was April 21, 1818. Dorothea Banks
13 Elias went to Barrington, Shelburne Co., N.S. about 1790. In 1803 he moved to Fresh Brook at Barrington Passage, Shelburne Co., N.S. Elias Banks
14 He was master of the sloop "Willing Mind". Elias Banks
15 His land was sold for 100 pounds on 4 Dec 1820 in payment of debts. They then moved to Bear River where he had a sawmill at the outlet to Lake LeMarchant. Eliphalet Banks
16 Wilmot Township Book says date of birth was July 3, 1816. Elizabeth "Eliza" Banks
17 George and Sophia moved to Middleton, Annapolis Co. in 1868. George "Craft" Banks
18 Gilbert did not marry. Gilbert Banks
19 Isreal did not marry. Israel Banks
20 James and Dorothea were 1st cousins. James "Samuel" Nelson Banks
21 Jeremiah did not marry. Jeremiah Banks
22 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Jeremiah Banks
23 John built his home in the York Beach area, a mile or two away from the town and this edifice, with some additions, was still standing in 1975. John Banks
24 John and Mary did not have children. John Wilson Banks
25 At age six Joseph moved to Saco, Maine with his family. Joseph Banks
26 Joseph settled in eastern New Jersey, joined the Loyalists and fought in the War of Independance. Joseph Banks
27 An alternate date of birth is 22 Jun 1810. Joshua Banks
28 He came to Annapolis Co., N.S. in 1760.
Joshua and Mary had a large family. The 5 children listed below are the ones who came to Nova Scotia. 
Joshua Banks
29 Joshua came to Granville, Annapolis Co. with his parents in the early 1760's.
In 1778, when he was 29, he bought from William Marshall, for ten pounds sterling, the eastern half of Wilmot Township Lot # 12 half way between Paradise and Lawrencetown. 
Joshua Banks
30 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Lorna Lou Banks
31 Mary was Benaiah's third wife. Mary Banks
32 Moses was a Lieutenant in Colonel Thomas Westbrook's company from 1722 through 1725 to fight the Indians. In 1712 he was an envoy to the Indians to negotiate the return of captives. Moses Banks
33 Moses was at Fort Carillor (Ticonderoga) when Montcalm defeated the British in 1758 and at Halifax two or three years, ending his army career July 20, 1763.

Moses owned Lot # 193 in Grandville, Annapolis Co., N.S. and is listed in the Confirmation Grant in 1764. He sold this lot to Henly Munroe and moved to Wilmot Township. 
Moses Banks
34 Philo did not marry. Philo Banks
35 At the time of his first marriage in England he was listed as a tailor. Just prior to his migration there had been an epidemic in which many people died and there was also trouble in the textile industry. Being a widower, with all three children dead, it is not surprising that he decided to seek a new life far from the scene of his misfortunes.
Richard came to America and settled at Scituate, in Plymouth Colony. He took the Oath of Fidelity, in Scituate, circa 1642. In 1644 he returned briefly to England to marry Elizabeth Curtis.
Richard was sent out from Scituate to organize and lay out townships in what is now the state of Maine. He settled at York which was originally called Agamenticus. In 1652 Massachusetts gained control and changed the name to York. Mr Banks was Assistant at the Court in 1652; Selectman for 7 years; juror 12 times; a Trial Justice; Court Appraiser; Tax Commissioner; and Overseer of the County Prison.
Richard was killed at the York Raid of 1692 when Indian and French raided, killing 48 and capturing 70 others. There is no mention of his sons Samuel and Job after that date so they may have likewise perished. His widow and two remaining sons made an agreement on 22 April, 1696 for the division of his estate. 
Richard (Bancks) Banks
36 Gravestone in Fairview Cemetery, Lawrencetown says Rupert was bors in 1855. 1901 cencus says his date of birth was Nov 29, 1855. Rupert Raymond Banks
37 Samuel and Sarah moved to Saco, Maine about 1735. Samuel Banks
38 Tabitha was an ancestor of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Tabitha B. Banks
39 Thomas came to Annapolis Co. in 1776 and lived with Colonel Lovitt. Thomas Wheeler Banks
40 They moved to Burton Parish, N.B. in 1838. Timothy Saunders Banks
41 Willard took a very active role in the building of the Bapist Church in Inglisville. Willard Ambrose Banks
42 William and Harriet did not have children. William Banks
43 There is no proof that Zaccheus is the son of Samuel and Sarah Banks and is included in this family as a convenience. Zaccheus Banks
44 Zaccheus was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Zaccheus Banks
45 In 1780 he served on William Coffin's priviteer "America". Zebediah Banks
46 Zilphia did not marry. Zilphia Mae Banks
47 Eliza was the illegitimate daughter of Margaret Bass. Eliza Ann Bass
48 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Margaret Bass
49 Annapolis Township Book says Jacob was born April 1, 1822. Jacob Beals
50 She lived one month. Sophia Beals

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