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Keddy, Margaret Ann (P835)
2  Source (S293370630)
3  Source (S293576486)
4  Source (S294071390)
5  Source (S294075934)
6  Source (S294136167)
7  Source (S294136444)
8  Source (S294300082)
9  Source (S294641468)
10 "Abstracts From The Court Of Probate Records For Annapolis County,Nova Scotia" compiled by Wayne W. Walker, Source Medium: Book
Source (S293369503)
11 "Although Abel says in his will that "my six sons" (including Stephen)"have already received from me in lands what I intended to give them",there is no record of Stephen having received any land from hisfather. However he did buy 200 acres from George Kniffen at Waldec,Annapolis Co., (between Bear River and Clementsport) in 1817. Hiswife was from that area. There were ten children in the family, 6sons and four daughters. About 1845 four of the sons and one daughtermigrated to Erin Township, Ontario, north west of Toronto and wereamong the early settlers of that area. Later two sons moved on toPeck, Michigan, north of Detroit. One son, Edward, was a sea captainwho lived near the mouth of Bear River. Another son, Elijah, alsolived in that area and fought in the American Civil War eventuallydying of wounds received in that conflict." (From the book "The BealsFamily of Annapolis County Nova Scotia" by Donald W. Beals).
Contrary to the above, George Fletcher Beals was already living inErin at the time of his marriage in 1840 according to his marriageregistration. Based on his obituary it is reasonable to assume he cameto Ontario as early as 1838, not 1845 as indicated above. Of coursethe various siblings could have migrated at different times. 
Beals, Stephen (P411)
12 "Down The Road to Yesterday" (History of Springfield, Annapolic Co.NS), compiled by Mary Hendrick, Source Medium: Book
Source (S293369555)
13 "Family Record" of names and date of birth of Stephen Beals and hisfamily (origin unknown but probably a family bible), Source Medium:Book
Source (S293369515)
14 "History of the County of Annapolis" by W.A. Calnek, Source Medium:Book
Source (S293369498)
15 "Morse Descendants in Nova Scotia....." compiled by Jim Eakins and StuMorse. Source (S293369553)
16 "The Annapolis Valley Whitmans" compiled by Charles B. Whitman. Source (S293369560)
17 1871 census says she was 42. Beals, Emily (P423)
18 1871 census says she was 87. Spurr notes say she died Sept 2/3, 1871at age 88. Charlton, Charlotte (P419)
19 A memorial stone located near the memorial to the first settlers waserected by the Bates Family Association in 1927.
Topographical Dictionery (by Charles E. Banks) lists Clement Bate ascoming from Lyd Parrish, Kent Co., England and settling in Hingham,Mass. His brother, James came to New England at the same time andsettled in Dorchester, Mass.
They left England on April 17, 1635, sailing on the "Elizabeth". 
Bate, Clement (P17)
20 Abigail and John were married by John B. Strong. Beals, Abigail Sophia (P403)
21 Abigail, Mary and Andrew were triplets. Lane, Abigail (P62)
22 According to "Genealogies of the Early Families of Weymouth,Massachusetts" by George Walter Chamberlain, "Jeremiah Beale,blacksmith, and Abraham Beals, cordwainer, both of Hingham, 170pounds, sell John Beale, carpenter, and Lazarus Beale, yoeman, both ofHingham, our house, barn and land that we lately purchased of SamuelPoole of Mutten Lane in Weymouth, 80 acres, 10 Apr1712. Abraham Beal of Abington, cordwainer, and Deborah, his wife, for60 pounds sell Ebenezer Beal of Hingham, gentleman, 3 acres of cedarswamp in Weymouth, near Shaw's landing place, 11 May 1749. Beal, Abraham (P323)
23 According to "Genealogies of the Early Families of Weymouth,Massachusetts" by George Walter Chamberlain, Jeremiah "moved fromHingham to Weymouth about 1712. [He] was a blacksmith. For 800 poundshe sells to his son Isaac Beal 30 acres in Weymouth bounded eastwardlyon line between Hingham and Weymouth, with a house upon it, 7 Aug1743". Beal, Jeremiah (P352)
24 According to Susan Sonju, Owen married Olive Marguerite Sproule. Beals, Owen Willard (P475)
25 Adam resided on Hull Street, near Strait's Pond, in Hingham.

Adam lived in the part of town that was later set off toGoshen.(History of Chesterfield, p 43) 
Beal, Adam (P303)
26 Alternate birth date is Dec 21, 1765. Beal, Seth (P315)
27 Although the "John Beal of Hingham" genealogy says Micah was born in1776, Lincoln's "History of Hingham" says Baptism date was Sept 6,1772. Beal, Micah (P313)
28 An alternate death date is Sept. 24, 1870.

Hannah's maternal grand mother, Mary "Molly" Craft married (1) FrancisMiller and (2) her husbands father, Abel Beals as his 2nd wife. 
Banks, Hannah (P245)
29 An alternate marriage date is Feb 3, 1707/08. Beal, Sarah (P355)
30 An alternate spelling of the last name is "Huet". Hewitt, Elizabeth (P334)
31 Andrew was Abel's oldest son. No record of his date of birth has beenfound but assuming he was at least 18 when he bought a piece of landin July 1796, he was probably born in 1778. He bought 167 acres fromhis father in 1798 and another 40 acres in 1808. The north end ofthis land bordered on the Annapolis River and, being on the valleyfloor, it was excellent farm land after it was cleared. He no doubtlived there until the land was sold to Christopher Prince about1816.After Andrew died his wife Charlotte lived with their daughter, EmilyBeals (wife of Nehemiah) in Nictaux. Beals, Andrew (P404)
32 Arod purchased 200 acres of land from his father in 1808. This stripof land was on the east side of land owned by his brother Joshua. Aroddied at the relatively young age of 37. He probably died suddenly asthere was no will. His wife, Catherine, and two brothers, Joshua andAbel, were administrators of his estate and disposed of his personalproperty and probably some land to pay his debts. Surprisingly it wasnot until 1861, the year she died, that action was taken to giveCatherine legal title to one third of her husbands property as her"dowry" right. One lot was where she lived on the south side of SouthWilliamston road and the other up on Beals Mountain. Arod's deathleft his wife with 8 children, three sons and five daughters. Theoldest child was 13 and the youngest one year old less five days. Beals, Arod (P405)
33 Article in the April 9, 1931 issue of the Aylmer [Ontario] Expresswritten by H.C. Charlton. Source (S293369521)
34 As a young man he had an encounter with a black bear and bore the scars the remainder of his life. MacMillan, Norman (The Bear) (P1333)
35 Asa and Mary lived on the Gilford Whitman place.
Asa's daughter, Mary L. Whitman, married Arthur S. Beals, son ofCaleb. 
Whitman, Asa (P494)
36 At her death, Bessie was living at 253 Quinpool Rd., Halifax with her niece , Catherine Southwell (informant). MacMillan, Elizabeth "Bessie" (P1422)
37 At the age of 19, Vaughn enlisted at Halifax, N.S.on April 17, 1917 inthe 10th Siege Battery Unit, 3rd Canadian Division (regimental number1258139). He went overseas on the "Mauratania" in September, 1917 andwas sent to the front (Passchendaele, Belguim) in November of thatyear. After the war ended he was discharged on March 25, 1919 andreturned to Canada arriving in Halifax the following month. Beals, Vaughn LeRoy (P488)
38 Banks Genealogy compiled by George Stoddart, Source Medium: Book
Source (S293369554)
39 Beals Genealogy compiled by George Washington Beals, ca 1947, SourceMedium: Book
Source (S293369499)
40 Bertha is buried with her mother and her 2 sistersthe 3 girls all died from scarlet fever in the same month April 1900. Coupe, Bertha Irene (P740)
41 Bessie did not marry per Death Certificate MacMillan, Elizabeth "Bessie" (P1422)
42 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Probert, Beverly (P777)
43 Birth date on headstone reads 1841. Dauphinee, James (P836)
44 Born in Francis Henry Fredericks &Margaret (Dauphinee) Fredericks old home and stayed with her grandparents (Fredericks) until she was 2 years old per family notes. Coupe, Verna Lily (P733)
45 Bronchitis Beals, John "Cooper" (P407)
46 Burial listed as 5 March 1928 on death record. Headstone lists 1927 as death year. Coupe, Kathleen (P1094)
47 Buried 12 July 1963. Fredericks, Lily (P732)
48 Buried with husband Angus and son Walter. MacMillan, Elizabeth A (Bessie) (P1359)
49 Buried with wife Elizabeth Ann MacMillan and son Walter. MacInnis, Angus (P158)
50 Can not find John R MacDonald or his family in the 1921 Census, but the transcriptions/indexing for that census seems poorly done. MacDonald, John R. (P1295)

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