It is safe to say that three of Abel Beals' sons, Joshua, Arod and Elijah, were the first settlers of Inglisville which was appropriately then known as Beals Mountain.  (It is assumed that Inglisville was named after Bishop Inglis the first Anglican Bishop of Nova Scotia).  The boundaries of their combined land was roughly, on the east side, the north-south section of the present road through Inglisville and on the west side, in the vicinity of the Prim Whitman farm (later owned by his son Roland).  There are two sources of information to help us see how Inglisville grew from this early beginning.  First we have the A.F.Church maps which were drawn in 1876, nine years after Confederation and about 65 years after the arrival of Abel's sons.  Mr. Church spent a good part of his life mapping Nova Scotia in sufficient detail to show the location and name of each resident.  These maps have been of great assistance to anyone researching family history.  The second source is the writers memory (which is far from infallible) of Inglisville in the period 1935 to 1945 or 65 years after the Church maps were drawn.  Added to this mix are tales told to me by my mother.

Legend in text below:
     A = 1876    
     B = 1935-1945  
     C = the present

_ _ _ __2__4__5_______7__                  S
_ _1_ ___________________                E + W
        3                                  N


1.This road went east then north around the north end of Parker Hill and met the Middleton to Albany road at Nictaux Falls.  It may have been well travelled in the early days but by the 1940's was not passable by automobile.
2.A - James Albert Whitman (John,Isaac,Daniel,Deacon John) His mother was Sarah Beals, daughter of Joshua and Rebecca.  James married Sarah Jane, daughter of Amos Whitman.
B - My grand parents, William and Freelove (Callahan) Beals, bought this farm when they were married in 1882. My father, Archie, and his brother, Dudley, were born here.  Uncle Dud was born October 14, 1885, lived all his life on this farm and died on his 104th birthday.  His wife was Amanda (Mailman).
3.C - Dudley's son Vernon and his wife Dora (Connell).
4.C - Vernon's son Ricky and his wife Karen (Johnson).
5.A - My maternal great grandfather, Obediah Naugler, son of Paulas.  Obediah married Susan Beals, daughter of John Strong (Isaac, Abel).
B - Obediah's youngest son, Eugene and his wife Nettie (Salsman).  After Eugene's death the house crumbled and was torn down.
C - Vernon Beals now owns this property.
6.A - Charles Curtis.
B - My grandfather, Fred Naugler, oldest son of Obediah. He married Rosemond Miles daughter of Dora Beals (Jacob, Elijah,Abel).  About 1899 he bought this farm from Mr. Curtis.  The long driveway to the house passed beside a large blueberry patch.  My mother and her sisters and brothers were all born there.  After grandfather retired and moved to Lawrencetown the house and other buildings crumbled and were torn down.
C - Vernon Beals now owns this farm.
7.A - My great grandfather, Caleb Beals (Elijah, Abel).  He married Eliza Whitman, daughter of Benjamin.  His son, Milledge, and his wife Lucy (Durling) took over the farm.
B - Milledge's son, Gordon, and his wife Pearle (Hines). Milledge's retarded son, Benjamin, lived with Gordon's family.
C - Vernon Beals now owns this farm.

                          | |                         S
                           13                       E + W
                  9       | |                         N
__4__5_______7_8.5_______10_| |______
__________________________   ________
                8      11 | |   
                          | |
       6                   12
                          | |

8.A - Robert Hatt and his wife Christiana (Beals) (Isaac, Abel).
8.5.B - Ernest and Ethel (Naugler) Hirtle.
9.A - John Strong Beals (Isaac, Abel) and his wife Sarah Jane (Dennison).
B - Elvin Beals, son of Milledge, and his wife Elizabeth (Burns).
10.A - My great grandfather, Joseph Callihan, and his wife Annie (Kniffen).  Their daughter, Freelove, married Henry Beals.  (See location 2).
11.B - Ralph and Myrtle Connell.
12.A - This road is not shown on the 1864 map.
B - Jerusalem Road.  It went down over the mountain and met the South Williamston Road.  It was in direct line with the Hanley Mountain Road that went across the valley to Mount Hanley.  It was a wagon road at best and was not fit for automobile travel.
13.The Alpena Road with the southern end connecting to the Middleton/Bridgewater Road.

       | |
    16 | |                                            S
       | |                                          E + W
       | | 15                                         N
       | |
    14 | |
       | |
       | |
____10_| |________________19______________________21______
_______   ________________________________________________
    11 | |   17            18                           22
       | |
        12                                     20
       | |

14.B - Willis Gates (Joseph, Robert, Elias, John, Oldham) and his wife Pearl (Sanford).
15.B - Wallace Naugler, son of Obediah, and his wife Isobelle (Medicraft).  They were the parents of 16 children.  He operated a saw mill which was located just south of his home.
16.B - George Malcolm and Charlie Harris.  (This location is actually further south than indicated on the "map" above).
17.A - Asa Whitman (Oldham, Edward, Deacon John).  He married Mary Eliza Beals, daughter of Isaac and Catherine.
18.A - Benjamin Whitman (Oldham, Edward, Deacon John), his wife Ann (Longley) and his son Henry.  They operated a post office from time to time depending on the government party in power.
B - Gilford Whitman (George Avery, Asa, Oldham, Edward, Deacon John) and his wife Lynda (Malcolm).
19.B - Frank Salsman and his wife Evelyn (Daniels).
20.A - G. Warner, perhaps the son of John.
B - Avard Leonard.
21.B - Saw mill owned by John Naugler.  The stream by the mill ran in front of the Leonard place, down over the mountain and crossed the South Williamston Road on its way to the Annapolis River.  It is referred to in Abel's will as the "Beals Brook".
22.B - John Naugler, son of Obediah.  He did not marry.  At the age of five I recall listening to his radio which was the first one in the village.  On June 29, 1962, Uncle John was attempting to straighten the tombstone on his parents grave when it toppled and pinned him under it.  He died eleven days later from injuries incurred in that accident.

_____________23___24______________27____29___         S
_____________________________________________       E + W
   22                     25     26     28            N

23.A - Albert Dunn and his wife Martha Ann Whitman (Levi, Oldham, Edward, Deacon John).
B - Carmen Stoddart, son of James.  He married Bessie Beals (Robert, James, Andrew, Abel).  Lemuel Beals, Bessie's brother, lived with this family.
24.B - Lindsay Stoddart, the son of Carmen.  He married Elizabeth (Lizzie) (Burns) Beals, widow of Elvin.  (See location 9).
25.A - George and Angeline Wright.  Their daughter, Mary Ann, married Robert Beals.  (See location 27).  Isaac Beals (See location 34) lived here later.
B - Percy and Edna (Hines) Connell.  Their daughter, Dora, married Vernon Beals.  (See location 3).
26.B - Eldridge Wood and his wife Sylvia (Whitman) ("Le", Charles A., Amos, Oldham, Edward, Deacon John).
27.A - Robert Beals (James, Andrew, Abel) and his wife Mary Ann (Wright).
B - Edward Beals (John Cooper, Abel).  When he died around 1934 my father bought this farm.
28.B - William Wood and Lucy Gaul.  This house was once occupied by Asa Beals (John Strong, Isaac, Abel) who was a bachelor and kept store there.  (See location 78).  The occupant before Bill Wood was Andy Hatt, brother of John.
29.B - My father, Archie Beals (Henry, Caleb, Elijah, Abel) and my mother Pearle (Naugler) (Fredrick, Obediah, Paulis).  I was born and spent my first 19 years here. John Hatt built the original house but it was destroyed by fire.  About 1909 he moved another house from Albert Dunn's property (location 23) to this location.  Deacon Dunn had built it for his son Norman who was a school teacher and later a minister.  The move was accomplished using rollers under the house and sets of winches and pulleys attached to stakes placed on each side of the road in advance of the house.  Horses were used to do the pulling and the move took two days.  A clock on the wall in the house survived the trip without stopping.  John Hatt's father-in-law, John Strong Beals, lived with the family.  In 1913, being senile at the age of 91, he left the house in his underwear on a cold February night, curled up in a sleigh behind the barn and froze to death.  Around 1922 John Hatt traded farms with Carmen Bishop who lived at the south west corner of the Inglisville and South Williamston roads.  In 1926 my father bought the farm from Carmen Bishop.  My mother and I planted the Horse Chestnut tree in front of the house in 1933.

                               | |
                            36 | |\                     S
                               | |\ \                 E + W
                               | |  \ \                 N
                                35    39
                               | |   | |
 __29__30____________________34| |__38_ 
 ____________________________________  |
   28       31       32      33  37  | |     
                                     | | 
                                     | |     

30.A - Elizabeth ("Betsy") Bush and her son Georgie.  In the 1881 census they were referred to as "African" i.e. Black.
B - In the 1930's there was still considerable evidence of ashes in the ground at this location indicating the house burned at some time.
31.A - R. Banks.  (This may have been Robert Banks and his wife Nancy, daughter of Arod McNayr).  Edward Beals (see location 27) once lived here and kept a store.
32.A - School house.  It is not known when the first school was established in Inglisville.  Prior to 1865, when the public school system was introduced in the province, all schools were private.
B - I attended this one room school for nine years.
C - The building is now a community hall.
33.B - Baptist Church.  Building of the church began in 1879 and it was finished in 1882.  Before the church was built services were held in the school house.  Rev. R.D. Potter was the minister at that time.  The first deacons were Albert Dunn and Charles Crisp.  In the early 1930's there was still a shed at the back of the church to shelter horses while their owners were at church.
34.A - Isaac Beals (Isaac, Abel) and his wife Mary (Gates). They later lived at location 25.
35.The present road to Albany.
36.Charles Crisp and his wife Susan (Whitman) (Edward F., Jacob, Edward, Deacon John).  (This location was actually further south than indicated on the "map" above).  Their oldest child, Mary was a missionary in Cuba.  A son was a school teacher and photographer who lived in Phinney's Cove.  When he went on photography trips he always took his own tin plate, cup and eating utensils.  Another eccentricity was his habit of chewing his food exactly forty times.
37.A - James Beals (Andrew, Abel) and his wife Mary Ann (Elliott).  His younger brother, Samuel, and his wife Ellen (Powers) lived here later.  Ellen was a midwife. When she died Samuel walked off into the woods and was never seen again.
B - "Biddie" and Nellie McGill.
38.B - United Church.
39.A - The original alignment of the road to Albany.  There is no trace of that road now.


   | |
   | |\
   | |\ \
   | |  \ \                      S
    35    39                   E + W
   | |   | |                     N
  _| |__38_ 
  _______  |
     37  | | 40
         | |
         | |
         | |_41_____
         |  ________
         | |     47
         | |
    42   | |
         | | 43
         | |
      45 | | 44
         | |______ 
         |_______ \
                 \ \ 46
                  \ \ 

40.B - Vilotte (McGill ?) and her twin daughters Vera and Vivian.  Vivian was an invalid as a result of having been dropped as an infant.  Violette, as a widow, married Otis Wood, son of William.
41.A - Cooper Beals (Elijah, Abel) and his wife Sarah Ann (Ruggles).  He operated a post office here when his political party was in power.  His crippled daughter Katie helped with the post office.
B - Robie and Orabelle McGill.
42.A - William L. Beals (Priestly, Elijah, Abel) and his wife Ruth (Banks).  His younger brother, John E. and his wife, Amanda (Edgett), owned this farm later.
B - Vernon D. Beals (son of John E.) and his wife, Flossie (Young).
43.A - Priestly Beals (Elijah, Abel) and his wife Hannah (Phinney).
44.B - Renford Naugler (Fredrick, Obediah, Paulas) and his wife Leola (Viditto).
45.B - Rayburn Leonard, son of Avard, and his wife Jossie.
46.The road to South Williamston and Lawrencetown.
47.B - A Woodworth family (wife's name was Nora).  Later an O'Neil family including Loyd who married Isobelle Beals, daughter of Elvin (See location 9).


    | |
    | |_41______________________51____53__54___56____57_____
    |  _________________________   _________________________
    | |     47      48       49 | |  52   55              58
    | |                         | |                        
42  | |                         50                 S
                                | |              E + W

48.A - W. Whitman.
B - Leander Beals (Jacob E., Elijah, Abel) and his wife Annie (McKeown).
49.A - My maternal great-great-grandfather Jacob Beals (Elijah, Abel) and his wife Phebe (Barteaux), daughter of John.  This location was probably where Elijah first settled.  Jacob's son, Arod, took over the farm but later sold it to Arthur Miles and moved to Lawrencetown. Jacob's daughter, Dora, was the wife of Arthur Miles.
50.This was probably the original road to South Williamston.  There is no trace of this road now.
51.A - A Banks.  (Perhaps Ambros L.)
52.A - Edgar Barteaux, son of John, and his wife Annie G. (Whitman) (Amos, Oldham, Edward, Deacon John).
53.B - Mr and Mrs Robert Rowter.
54.C - Carroll Corkum and his wife Laura (Beals) (Elvin, Milledge, Caleb, Elijah, Abel)
55.B - Ernest Richardson and his wife Evelyn (Whitman) (Primrose, Edward, Amos, Oldham, Edward, Deacon John).
56.A - Edward R. Whitman (Amos, Oldham, Edward, Deacon John) and his wife Phoebe Warner.
B - Primrose Whitman, son of Edward R., and his wife Katherine ("Kittie") (Daniels, daughter of John Henry).
C - Roland Whitman, son of Primrose.
57.A - Charles A. Whitman (Amos, Oldham, Edward, Deacon John) and his wife Mary (Sprowl).
B - Robert Best.  His wife was the granddaughter of Boyd and Rachel (Beals) McNayr.  Carl Ruggles owned this farm later.
58.A - Amos Whitman (Oldham, Edward, Deacon John) and his wife Mary (Hannam).
B - Ambrose ("Am") Whitman (Charles, Amos, Oldham, Edward, Deacon John).  This farm was taken over by Am's son, Clarence, and his wife Olive (Corkum).


                           | |                         S
                            62                       E + W
                           | |                         N
_57________________________| |______63__________ 
___________________________   _________________ \ 
      58      59       60  | |          64     \ \
                           | |                  \ \________
                            61                   \_________
                           | |                           65

59.B - John Banks (son of George C.) and his wife Emma (Beals) , (Isaac,Isaac,Abel).
60.A - Arod McNayr son of Boyd and Rachel (Beals) (Abel). He married Diadama Whitman (Oldham, Edward, Deacon John).
61.Trout Lake Road to Lawrencetown, an extention of Lawrencetown Lane.  This road was on the west border of Edward Whitman's 3000 acre lot.
62.This was the original road to Lunenburg laid out about 1802 by Elias Wheelock.  It joined with the road through Albany just east of Trout Lake.  In the late 1800's a twice weekly stage coach running between Lawrencetown Liverpool used this road.
63.A - Saw mill.
64.A - A. Whitman.
65.A - George Clark Banks.


___________________67__68_____69_                     S
_______________________________  |                  E + W
       65  66                70| |                    N
                               | |
                               | |

66.A - T. Durling.
67.A - F. Dunn.
68.A - School house.
69.A - W. Durling.
70.A - J. Wilson.
B - Isaac Durling and his wife Mildred (Beals) (John E., Priestly, Elijah, Abel).  Isaac's oldest son, Raymond, and his wife Doris (Whynot) took over this farm.
C - Doris Durling.
71.This road goes down the mountain and meets Highway 201.


The junction of the Inglisville and South Williamston roads is shown in the "map" below.  While this area is not part of Inglisville, it is important for our considerations because this is where Abel Beals homesteaded and raised his family.

      | |              \ \                        S
      | |            80 \ \                     E + W
      | |                \ \                      N
      | |                 \ \                 
       74                   79                    
      | |                  | |
      | |                  | |
______| |___76______77__78_| |_81_________82___
  72   73   75                                  

72.A - Miner C. Beals (John Cooper, Abel) and his wife Evelyn (Bishop).
73.A - "Lower" Jacob Beals (John Cooper, Abel) and his wife Sarah Jane (Miller).  This may have been Abel's homestead.
74.The original road to Inglisville.  There is little or no trace of this road now.
75.A - William Beals (Abel, Abel) and his wife Marry (Hamm).
76.A - Elias Beals (Arod, Able) and his wife Seraphina (Dodge).
77.A - F. or E. or P. Beals.
78.B - Asa W. Beals (John Strong, Isaac, Abel).  (See location 28).  Asa did not marry.  A store he operated at this location was reconstructed and displayed during 1992 at the MacDonald Museum in Middleton.  As a young teenager "a bunch of us boys" would go to Uncle Assie's store on Saturday evenings for "banana splits" and annoy him by "sampling" dulce from the barrel he kept in front of the counter.  When he died in 1943 his nephew Harry Hatt took over the store.
79.The road to Inglisville.
80.B - Enos Daniels, son of Whitfield and Kate (Beals) (John Strong, Isaac, Abel).  He married Mildred (Medicraft).
81.B - John Hatt (see location 29) and his wife Euphemia (Beals) (John Strong, Isaac, Abel).  His son Harry inherited the farm from his father.
82.A - E. Rice Whitman (Oldham, Edward, Deacon John).  He married Susanna Beals (Arod, Abel).


 | |                                               S 
  79                                             E + W
 | |                                               N
_| |_81________82___________83________      

83.A - The Valley West Meeting House.  It was built in 1845 and was the first Baptist Church in the area.  (The one in Lawrencetown was not built until the mid 1870's). This church was sponsored by the Nictaux Baptist Church (founded in 1809) and accommodated the Beals families of Inglisville and South Williamston for many years.  The building was torn down in 1897 and reconstructed as a barn on the Carl Ruggles property in Inglisville (see location 57).
B - The Valley West or Whitman Cemetery.  The church was situated in front of the cemetery.
84.A - Oldham Whitman, youngest son of Oldham (Edward, Deacon John).  This was Edward Whitman's homestead.
B - Jimmie Ed Whitman (George R., E. Rice, Oldham, Edward, Deacon John).  He lived with his sister, Annie Gertrude and her husband Brad Eaton.

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